To make an easy listening is not difficult.
Difficult is to convince yourself in the future.

This film is an observation Teodor Currentzis – one of the most extra-ordinary modern conductors.  Stravinsky gives way to Mozart, Jean-Philippe Rameau, choreography by Jiří Kylián…

Step by step the viewer is led into the world normally invisible from the audience. Shot is strung on shot, sound on sound, word on word, and suddenly the viewer is submerged into the striking process of creation and sees that the very essence of this process is work. Glorious, but on the endurance limit.

What makes the audience feel that something extra-ordinary is about to happen? Why do certain conductors only have to appear on stage to electrify the auditorium? Why is conducting «a shady business”? How does the conductor relive each day? Conduction is an involving film, dipping into one of the most enigmatic musical professions’ atmosphere.

Conductor Teodor Currentzis addresses musicians: “When you play for yourself here, in the pit, the music will stay with you here, but if you think of the music projecting to the gods  –  it surpasses the space”. The music flies through the air up to the gods and to the audience. And one can hear the silence beyond the music. The silence of creation. The silence that accompanies the birth of composition.

The musical works
that sound in the film:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart «Le Nozze di Figaro»
Igor Stravinsky «Les Noces», «Petrushka»
Jean-Philippe Rameau «Zoroastre», «Les Boréades»
Ludwig van Beethoven Violin sonata No. 5


Written, directed, edited by Alexey Loginov. Camera: Roman Saratovtzev, Konstantin Kulikov, Alexey Loginov. Sound producer – Nikolay Nazhimov. Produced by Marc De Mauny, Anna Maslova.


Teodor Currentzis, Anna Kasyan, Natalya Kirillova, Andrei Bondarenko, Nadine Koutscher, Natalya Buklaga, Dmitry Ulyanov, Stanislav Leontiev, Maria Forsström, Anna Poistogova, Ivan Poroshin, Vitally Polonsky, Alexey Miroshnichenko, Maxim Emelyanychev, Afanasy Chupin, Nicolas Bartholomée and others. Musicians of the MusicaAeterna orchestra. Musicians, singers, ballet company of the Perm Оpera and Ballet Theatre and guest performers.


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